I'm curious who has ever "A/B'd" the two, or bare minimum installed both. I'd like to hear from installers / expert level, not hearsay, is why I posted this here.

I know the Helix GUI is much better and am aware of various bit depth/sample rate differences (well, sort of aware because Mosconi USA didn't sound all that sure about it themselves and there's almost no published specs on the 4to6 DIF).

So I'm asking in terms of sound quality only. I do understand that functionally differences (like how an EQ works) could affect sound quality, so if that's what you mean, just say so .

Lastly, does anyone know exactly how the URC.3 works? As in does it turn down **digitally** before it's outputted (causing bid depth reduction) or in an analog fashion (with it's own pros and cons)? Just curious on this part.