I'm running 2 way + sub active with this hardware:
Headunit: Pio 80prs
Amp1: Protovision reality 264 (2ch. Power my tweeters)
Amp2: Pioneer D8604 (4ch. Bridged to power my woofers)
Amp3: D8604 (4ch. Bridged to power my dvc sub)

I like the sound my SB acoustics tweeters produce in combo with the protovision amp. But the gains on this old-school amp doesn't seem fit for the 80prs high voltage output. So what are my options? Should I set the gain on my pioneer amps to match the level of the protovision amp?
Or use the 80prs to match the levels?
Maybe my best option is to remove the protovision amp and run woofers and tweeters from my D8604, even though this would mean that my SB17NRX woofers would only receive about 100W each (instead of 150W) ?
Or maybe use the 80prs internal amp to power the tweeters?