So far my gear consists of the following...

Source - digital, most likely iPhone using lossless files, yet to be purchased
H/U - factory 8.4 Uconnect system
DSP - RF 360.3
Amps - Soundstream Rubicon Nano; RN4.1400D (2), RN1.5000D
Sub(s) - Dayton Titanic MKIII 10" 4 ohm (3)
Midbass, Mid, Tweet - I have a few that I'll audition, nothing solid yet.
Distribution - Knukonceptz
Wiring - Knukonceptz, might make my own rca, undecided
Treatment - likely just use noico cld, and some reflectix for heat control, and mlv if it's in the budget.

... One of the reasons I wanted to get a newer Jeep was the 8.4 system. And, in the 2018 carplay comes standard. For a long time I wanted to integrate an iPad in my 2011, but I like a stationary design that looks factory. And, while I could've fabricated something, the truth is that the Phoenix weather would not allow me to keep it installed without damaging it. Plus, I'd need some sort of control unit for volume and I wasn't stoked about it being so bright at night. It just never felt right and fell into place, so the 8.4 checked off alot of boxes for me. I've not yet purchased the iPhone, but I'm looking at a higher capacity phone so I can send lossless files via carplay. This just seems like the path of least resistance and will still offer quality signal. I also bought this adapter ...

... so that it will give me an in-between (duplicate) harness that I can tap into the factory speaker wires without having to cut any factory wires. This will then feed into the RF 360.3, but I'll need to get the 5 w 47 ohm resistors for the load sensing on the H/U.

For amps, I had been looking for a long time and the Soundstream was something I wanted to try. They had great form factor/size, ratings seemed good (likely over-rated, but acceptable) and they fit my budget. I wish I could've gone with something higher end, but it's just not feasible at this time. So, we'll see how these amps perform before checking out anything else.

I've had these three Dayton subs for a while now and they worked well in my last system. I wanted to sell/trade these for a 15", but didn't get any bites. I still may go this route in the future, but for now, this is what I have. It also works out well because the depth of the box might be too shallow for most 15's at this point. I had them in a sealed box before, getting appx 1cf per each, which may have actually been a little on the large size. It worked well, but lacked output below about 30hz or so. I was hoping to do a vented enclosure, but winisd is suggesting a box about 4-5 cf for a tuning frequency in the 20s. I could tune it a little higher and my box size can be cut down to appx 3cf and the output graph still looked better than sealed. Anyway, this will happen soon, so take a look at what I've started with and give me any suggestions please!