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Congrats on the new Jeep! Those Altitude look soooo good with the blacked out trim and emblems. Very nice choice!

Are you just looking to swap out some of the factory stuff and keep it relatively stock in appearance?
Thanks man, I really like the Altitude package as well. Kinda wish I could've done the High Altitude or Limited X, but just wasn't in the budget.

I mean, yes, for the most part. I'm really just trying to avoid having to cut anything that is not easily replaceable. I'm going to play around with the stock mid location. The tweeter will stay where it is, but I'm either going to put the mid in the pillar with the midbass in the door, or the mid in the door and build kicks for the midbass. Still undecided on this one.

Also, for other WK2 owners, that spare tire area is deeper toward the front than toward the rear. So, building this thing out of rectangles was not really the best option and I kinda was looking for a challenge!