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I really admire that fabrication work you did. Very cool work with all those complex shapes and angles.

Man, putting midrange in the door locations crossed my mind too. Especially a nice 4" or 5.25" and then stuff an 8" in the kicks or under the seats.

Do you have the empty storage area under the driver's seat since you don't have the Overland now?
Thanks man, there are quite a few odd angles and shapes on this piece. I don't have a table saw, so using the circular saw for 90% of the cuts and then jig for the rest. The angles mate up pretty well, and where there was small gaps, I filled with glue and smashed some sawdust in there pretty tight.

You know, I think it's really going to come down to a trial/error situation. I have some 5" mids that I want to try and use, so the door makes sense. This effectively eliminates the need for me to worry about too many rattles. If I have to build kicks, which I'm leaning toward, then I don't mind cutting a little bit of metal that will never be noticed by the dealer and buying some spare kick panels to modify. I was thinking of doing at least some 8's, maybe dual 8's if I can fit them and vent them.

There is a spot under the driver that is wide open and I'm not sure if I want to put my dsp down there or maybe another sub. It could easily fit a 10, which I have a few other options for. Passenger side, as you know, has the battery, so no go there.