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In my experience, routing RCAs close to power wires rarely causes noise. I'd take a closer look at your grounds. You have a DSP, an amp, and a head unit, are they all grounded to the same spot, or different spots?
I started from a presumption that it was ground related as well, but have not had success pursuing that option. Currently amp and DSP are grounded together, with head unit grounded to factory wire. I did try bringing ground from the amp/dsp point to the head unit with no success, didn't bother routing wire through dash after that as it is a pain in the ass due to the car's size and low stance. Ohmmeter shows near 0 resistance between the two ground points, but that obviously isn't completely reliable.

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I agree with gijoe. These issues are normally ground related. Have you tried rerouting the RCAs or the power on a temp basis to confirm the noise is due to due proximity?
I did run a long RCA out and around, and whine levels varied depending on how close you got to the battery area. Never could completely eliminate them though that method, which I attributed to the fact that my extra long RCAs were completely unshielded cheapo home variety that I had sitting around and not quite long enough to go completely out and around.

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Have you unplugged the RCAs from the DSP inputs to see if the noise persists?
Noise is eliminated if you unplug source RCAs from the DSP inputs.

I should also note that originally the system used a Nexus 7 tablet as a source with a USB to Optical DAC that fed the DSP via Toslink cable. Never had any noise issues with that setup at all. Only surfaced when I switched to the Sony. Had backup cam and charging issues with the Nexus, so I ditched it.