My cdspdl will be here tomorrow or next day ,

If anyone also has upgraded thereís or got a new unit and experienced any issues with yours please share what those issues are and how you resolved them.

I will try and help anyone with there unit as much as I can if you having issues.
Me and a few others have been using ddrc24s ddrc22s or ddrc88s or 2x4HDs which all share a similar platform as far as the UI and functionality.
Iím sure thereís some experts here that can share somethings also.

On the minidsp forum a couple ppl had issues getting Dirac to output and a new firmware was given, I do not know if it is live and a official build or if it was a patch that minidsp supplied to them on a individual basis.

This is a very good unit and packed with power. even the most problematic acoustic problems can be made into sweet music bliss with this guy.
There is a learning curve to this type of dsp but itís easy and anyone can do it.
You will make even the most experienced tuners shake and tremble when you have one of these installed.

Hope to get good input from anyone that has got thereís already.
Please let us know what isnít working or doesnít make sense the way you initially thought we can get it working the right way with a little bit.

Thereís a gain structure procedure on minidsp for the ddrc88a/bm and itís very good. This should be adopted to the CDSP-DL as itís almost the same unit, and the level setting part is the same.

Thanks in advance