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I am worried if I have to do job twice with fiberglass later.

Since I already have dynamat cover that hole, I plan to use it as base for fiberglass work. Mask surrounding and paint dynamat with fiberglass release agent. Lay and coat 2-3 layers. Take fiberglass out and trim it.

Remove dynamat. Mount this Panel.

Does it sound about right?
Ive done exactly what you're thinking on a door that looks almost exactly like yours.

Its not worth it. A lot of fiberglass and $$$ to get it perfect.

Instead, get some 1/4in abs sheets. Parts express sells them. Put it against your door metal. Put one screw in to hold it to the metal and then take a heatgun and heat up the abs in sections. It'll turn Almost gooey but not quite. Almost the consistency of CLD if you put it in the freezer. Moves but holds its shape when u stop moving it. It'll form to exactly the shape of whatever you push it against.

If you roll down the window(for a flat spot in the large empty areas) and then do the process above. You'll have an abs insert thats easily taken on/off with a few screws thats Exactly the shape of your door.

This pic is a flat piece of abs that was heated up and then vacuum molded. But you can see exactly how many curves you can get with abs and some heat. Vacuum molding is just forming over a template. The door is your template. The forming is your hand pressure.

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