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Wow, that's heavy duty.

I find, in my particular vehicle, that most of the moisture that makes it's way to the speaker actually splashes up from the bottom of the door. Wind (from the car moving) makes it's way between the lower door and rocker panel and up through the weep holes and blows rain water up from the bottom.
Co-signing. Usually from the bottom unless window flashing is damaged.

I have an AC company down the street who throw away half filled buckets of mastic duct sealent every day. Try it, it’s rubberized and once it’s there it’s THERE. smeared between metal parts in a door that may vibrate it’s great. once it’s hard they won’t touch and it’s just soft enough to not make a sound when things tap against the mastic. It’s also waterproof! Seal that door up from the inside.

I coat my enclosure with this stuff every time using a drywall knife, then put the carpet on. They’re bomb proof. Stuffs like liquid nail, really.

Don’t get it on clothes or in your gfs hair.... it’ll be a bad day.
I’d just be sure not to completely seal the bottom of the door. Just in case water does somehow get in from the top, it can make its way back out the bottom.