Designing a multiple driver speaker for my home system, and while I know how I want to build it and some of the theories as to what can affect it, I'm looking for something that I can simulate it in before I cut my first piece of MDF. The problem is that the design is much more complex than most of the software I'm finding handles. Instead of a simple box with a port, I'm wanting to put a driver in one spot, go through some baffling that isn't "straight through," but widens and constricts periodically before going through a midrange driver's chamber (or more specifically, two of 'em) and then finally the exit port. My main question, if I can't find suitable software to simulate it is how to calculate what the widening and narrowing of the baffles and air path will do to the frequency response of the speaker array before I begin to add a double handful of filter capacitors to direct the energy to whichever driver can produce it most effectively. (I can pretty well estimate and make changes electrically.)