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Having been playing with the DL for about a week now, it kind of feels like cheating a little. I have a tune that rivals, if not beats, the best manual tune I'd done previously. Stage is wide, center is in the center, bass is not behind me. Dirac took all of 10 minutes, the manual tune, no idea, it easily took hours of REW measurements and EQ tweaks. I think for some of the guys who can nail down a good tune relatively quickly, this unit won't be for them, but for many of us it's great, just in the time saving alone.

There's still a couple minor, but annoying bugs in the software, the worst being it tells you the levels are too low, when you've already set them correctly. Clicking OK then Start and it proceeds like it should do, it's just annoying having to click it every time.
Curious if you could outline the process for the 10 minute tune. Just to give us an idea exactly what steps are manual, automated etc.

I've been manually tuning my car for about 4 years, basically with no point of reference (ie what a good tune sounds like...) Still leaves something to be desired..