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Curious if you could outline the process for the 10 minute tune. Just to give us an idea exactly what steps are manual, automated etc.

I've been manually tuning my car for about 4 years, basically with no point of reference (ie what a good tune sounds like...) Still leaves something to be desired..
Sure... You open the DSP plug in and set up dirac channels via a routing tab, so I have 5 channels set up, left speakers, right speakers, left rear, right rear and sub, then on a mixer tab assign those dirac channels to individual speakers... Channel 1 = left tweeter, left mid, left midbass and so on. On the output tabs enter your crossovers. Then set your levels, I used REW to get left/right levels. Save that and exit the DSP plug in.

Open DLCT, it scans for the DSP and you enter how many channels you are running. Basically select custom and then enter the number, in my case 5. Hit proceed, it finds the microphone, hit proceed again and you can adjust the output levels, there's a play button besides each channel, click that it sends pink noise out that channel. You can also rename the channels here to make more sense. Once you have the levels set here, hit proceed.

Select "Chair" and you'll see a bunch of dots. Put the microphone on the first position, click start and it makes a number of sweeps (one more than the number of channels). If your output if too low or high it will tell you. Repeat for all, 9 positions and click proceed.

Load a target or use the auto one, drag the level down below the biggest dips. I link channels together (left and right front, left and right rear), but you can do individually. Click optimize, wait 30 seconds or so, marvel at the new response line. Click proceed and drag the Dirac file into a DSP preset. Save and exit.

Open the DSP and adjust the master volume, or individual channels if needed.


Ignore the subwoofer on here, I was experimenting, but this was an earlier iteration of what I have now. 1/12 smoothing in REW.

As to knowing a good tune, for me it was attending meets and hearing other guys cars. But, there's also a lot of personal preference. If you don't like how it sounds, but someone says it's a good tune, is it really?