another weekend, another round of progress pics. it's starting to get hot in phoenix, finally, and my southwest facing patio has not only become too small, but is now super hot, so it's becoming very frustrating to work. but, it's a labor of love, right?

i swear, i spend more time just staring at this project going over all the ways i could/should build it and lay it out than actually building it. i'm such a perfectionist when it comes to system lay out. for the reasons already stated i really wanted to keep the whole system in one spot making it easier to remove and retrofit into another jeep should i give this one up at the end of the lease. i strongly considered moving all electronics to the quarter panel area where the factory sub would be, but i wanted to have immediate access to controls and fuses. i could've fabricated something, but it involves more time and cost. so, i settled on an orientation similar to my original staging idea with the amps near the seats.

because i'm also a sucker for clean wiring and symmetry, i spent hours just arranging the components in ways that might work. i know im going to push these amps and i know they're going to get hot. so, i really wanted to incorporate some fans. ideally i'd like to have been able to put the fans on the heat sinks in a side-firing push/pull configuration, but there was not enough room on the sides or top. so, i got the crazy idea to cool them from below.

because the footprint of the dsp couldn't fit up top, there was only one place for it; under the amps as well. which means, they'll go under the fans too. i didn't get to the point of mounting it yet, but the pieces are cut and it will just barely fit. and, because i'll need access to the dsp, potentially the fans if one fails, and also the other wiring like relays that will be down there, this whole section of the amp rack is hinged so that it will swing up giving me access to all these components. if you've not noticed, i tend to make things more difficult than need be, but damn if i don't love the challenge!

i busted out my new router for the first time and did some plunge-routes for the fan openings by hand. they turned out ok. i also wanted to make things more professional in this install, so im trying out some threaded inserts. i bought a bunch of brass ones at lowes, but im still 'auditioning' options, so let me know what you guys use.