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Yes sir, or at least to start with. You've made awesome progress on yours btw. I really like the stance of yours after the lowering springs/spacers and I'd love to do the same to mine, but I'll probably wait until my lease is up before doing that. If I decide to keep this thing, then that's where all the fun fabrication begins. I'd likely cut the metal below the spare extending that area and likely cut behind the factory sub area like I did in my previous Jeep. But, for now, it's going to have to be minimal modification.

I've not tested any spots yet, but where are you WK2 owners finding the best ground location?


I grounded to the body on the driver side, behind the wheel well under that plastic cubby... Drilled a hole and sanded the paint away on both sides.

You are taking that AZ sun and heat seriously, huh?! Lookin' great, man!