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Hello there

I have an issue occur in the rear speakers when bass hits in high volume !

The problem that my amplifier (4 Channel) doesn't have a HPF switch for the rear speakers it has for the front speakers only and i feel like the speakers struggle to produce the low frequency and thus it get distorted !

i have two questions about this :

1-is it ok to plug the 4 speakers in the front output in the amp ? 2x left and 2x right so that all speakers has HPF on ?

2- Since the speakers have a built in crossover why do we need high pass filter ?
1 - Maybe; it depends on the impedances of the two pairs of speakers and the ability of your amp to drive that load. If the speakers are 4 ohms each and your amp can drive the resulting 2-ohm load then you are OK. You will not be able to balance between the two pairs so I would look at alternatives. You could use some bass blockers on the rears.

2 - The speakers x-over only separates high frequencies from low, it does nothing to block low frequencies from the woofer. If there is a lot of low-frequency energy sent to a smaller woofer, the woofer can be overloaded which you seem to be experiencing.

Many here will discourage you from using rear speakers at all if you are trying to really achieve high SQ and solid imaging. It is hard to advise you without more information about the speakers, amp(s), etc. If you are running a sub, it would be possible to get a DSP, work around the front speakers x-over and go active with the front. You would then have a lot of control of what frequencies go where and their respective volumes.