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Your amp is two ohm stable, so you can run all four speakers off the front outputs using the high pass crossover built into the amp. You will lose the ability to fade front to rear and it will skew the sound more to the rear than front.

My advice is to add some bass blockers to the rear speakers. These are capacitors that run inline with the positive speaker lead and provide a passive high-pass filter to your rear speakers. Depending on the size of your rear speakers, you should look for capacitors in the 250 microfarad to 133 microfarad which will give you a 6db high-pass in the 150 to 300 hz range on 4 ohm drivers. The bigger your speakers, the bigger the cap I would use, so if you have 6X9, I would look for 250 mic caps to cross around 150, if you have 6", I would look at 200 mic caps to cross around 200 HZ, 5" or smaller maybe look for some 133s to cut below 300 HZ. It is a 6db per octave slope, so it is a gradual roll off.
Thanks mate that really helped i have 6.5" speakers and i will look for 200 probably

i looked into one of them online but it says that it block the freq between 0-600 hz where the HPF block 0-80 hz !!