We just did one at my mates car audio place, got a hybrid audio 3” in the mid location using a metal ring plus some pu sealant (would have to cut the pu to get the speakers out... it was tight!), I think I have the wiring diagram somewhere, I know the mids are in a different plug to the midbass and tweeters (if I recall right the mids were in a green plug that’s further away from the back of the car... from the back there’s a two pin power plug, then a big multi plug with midbass and tweeter in, then the next plug is the midrange among other things, then the most twin fibre plug is furthest away)

Fitted a helix q10 in the drivers side boot space (right hand drive) in a custom fibre glass enclosure (personally I’d have done the passenger side as there was a fuse box on the drivers side), p-6dsp with hybrid 6”, 3” and 1”, plus we used the helix own most interface and a helix mono...

All the amps fitted in a hollowed out factory sub enclosure under the spare wheel, I’ll see if I can find some pics for you 👍🏼

The tweeter was fixed in place with hot glue from memory

Wooden rings were cut from 12mm plywood to simulate the mounting ring