OK, so I've had a 12" pioneer downfiring sub/box in my Jeep for a few months. Completely satisfied with what it's doing for as little as I paid for it. But, i got to wondering what it would sound like if I faced it up instead of down. To my ear I couldn't really tell alot of difference in the ~30 seconds of a song I played.
Then I remembered I have an old radio shack 33-2050 sound level meter. Would that be the best way to tell which orientation gets the most bass?
Not trying to be super scientific, just figured if I can get a little more out of this then why not.
Was going to try it:
- downfiring
- downfiring with some "feet" on it (I had read that was recommended on this model on a youtube video)
- upfiring
- Facing towards the tailgate (although I am not sure how I would mount the box??)
Again, this is if a Jeep and it's not known for a quality sound environment but it'll be a rainy weekend so I figured this might be a quick project .
Thanks for any thoughts.