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When I told it the location of the drivers, it didn't bring up that message you mentioned about the hash... it just said it couldn't find any driver. I was about to try the driver signing trick you mentioned, but then I got called away and couldn't get back to it. I am hoping to give it another shot this afternoon. We'll see how it works. I have held off swapping in my TM65mkIIs for a couple of years because I didn't want to mess with the amps, but if I can get into the system to do proper tuning again, I can pull out my Dyn MW170s and sell them... I think the TM65s will suit my taste more, anyways.
Yeah it won't give you the message until it makes the attempt to install the driver which it can't do if it can't locate the file.

2 things I can think of happened there. Make sure you downloaded the 64-bit driver. And the other is did you extract the driver's from the compressed download file? Probably dumb questions but I've gotten ahead of myself from time to time and done one or the other.

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