I am building my first system for my 2018 Toyota Corolla. I am not looking to compete, simply to enjoy. I am looking for SQ over SPL. What got me started was how loud this relatively new car is on the highway so I have deadened and will be adding foam and MLV soon. I just put in a new HU: Kenwood DDX9705S.

Next is the sub. I am looking at the Dayton UM10-22 Ultimax. This is a DVC 10" sub with 500w RMS. I have been told this would be a decent wattage range for my application. Plus if I want to add another I can change the wiring and be good to go. Correct? Please tell me if I am dumb or if you have another quality recommendation!

I am looking at the Taramps MD1800.1 for the amp.