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If you wire the 4 voice coils in parallel, the pioneer amp delivers [email protected] Ohm. I don't know the subs but I think 2000W would be better for 2x15" subs.
If you want really ground shaking bass a ported enclosure is the way to go.
I guess you don't mind a large enclosure in your car?
Ohh okay, sent this to a friend does it sound legit? He said:

the subs are rated at 500wrms and can handle 1000w of music power i would say they are around 750wrms that pioneer amp will match them pretty much perfectly doing 800wrms at 2ohm 1 of those subwoofers and then doing 1200wrms at 1ohm note you are probably going to clip the signal here and there so the out put will go up a tad. as i said power doesnt matter as much as people think for getting loud.
get 1 15" to start off learn how to set gains and get a feel for car audio and then if you want louder go for another one of those triton 15"
or you could go for the triton 12" as much like power ratings people think that the bigger the sub is the louder it is thats not always the case box is the most important thing in a system build. ive seen 2x 10inch subwoofers get a 146Db at 30hz they were getting around 1000wrms