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Well it might if you clip the signal so badly that it almost becomes DC voltage, but then you really shouldn't feed those subs more than 500W! Less cooling and more power is a bad combo if you don't want to fry your subs....

I do like pioneer and for the money I don't think you will find anything better in Norway.
I just checked some Norwegian prices and it seem a stronger amp cost quite a bit more.
Your friends recommendation about starting with one sub seems reasonable to me. One 15" will likely be enough to make your car rattle awfully.
What car do you drive? Maybe think about upgrading the electric system...?
Ohh okay, I'm going to buy a new diesel car really soon, could be anything. Prob gonna be a coupe or a wagon.
Could you reconmend me a sub and amp? I got no idea what kind would be the best, so the Pioneer sub is better then the Ground Zero GZHW 38SPL sub?
Do you know of any good amplifiers? What about the Ground Zero GZRA 1.2500D?

I'm going to order in Sweden cus it's cheaper and my dad lives there, so if u find anything better in a Swedish store, that would have been great!