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I purchased an Alpine ilx-107 and PDX-V9. The HU has some light tuning options available tuning options available for it. It can set simple crossover settings and delays. In order to improve sound quality, I am thinking I am going to get AF GB15, GS690 and a JL audio sub. I would not use the back seats.

Could I set up the tunes with front outputs running to the amp and then the tweets, The rear speakers would be removed.

Would this allow the Alpine Headunit to act as a DSP setting a time alightment and cross over for each of the front speakers. Would this work or would using the same connections work better.

thanks for any inpurts

Note to self - donít post to a forum a half hour after taking an Ambien! Hahaha - oops.

Let me try to restate my questions?

Can I use the HU built in crossovers/time delay to use my front speaker output to run the tweeters, my rear speaker output to run the front woofer, and sub output to run the sub?

Does time delay matter if they are located in the front door or rear doors? IE, does the fact that Iím using the rear door outputs impact the calculation of time delay? Or is time delay purely a function of distance?

Thanks for any help!

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