You can do everything (using the tuneit app) EXCEPT run full active. Unfortunately neither your HU nor amp appears to offer the crossover flexibility to run three-way, so you'll have to figure out some way to get the tweeters high-passed at ~3000 Hz or whatever and and the woofers bandpassed between 80 and 3000 or whatever.

Here's a little video on the tuneit app:

The rest of what you need can be done just fine with the 107. It gives you independent time delay, I believe 9 bands of parametric EQ (although not independent per channel).

So you can KINDA get away with it, but you would need some bi-amp capable crossovers (like this: so you can set your time delay on each tweeter and mid separately).

I don't know if anyone sells those separately from the component sets and even if they did you don't know if it will be ideal for your speakers (it almost definitely won't be). You COULD build your own crossovers, but that is a whole 'nother rabbit hole.

So basically you ALMOST have what you need to run active. But almost is not good enough when you are dropping the kind of coin you have already have invested. You should add a separate high-quality DSP and do all your tuning and filtering there. I like the JL TWK88. Some have complained about noise, so maybe you want to do your own research.