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The analog inputs are not "downsampled." They are sampled at 96kHz.

Downsampling is where a digital signal is kept digital but the sample rate is changed via mathematical means. Sometimes this can be as simple as cutting half the samples out, i.e. going from 96kHz to 48kHz. But other times the math does not work out so simply. i.e. going from 48kHz to 44.1 kHz. In these cases, there must be some degree of decimation or interpolation of the data to make the sample rate change. There are different types of resampling and they have different effects on the sound quality.

When you feed an analog signal into the DSP, the AD converter samples the analog signal and does so at a fixed rate. There is no interpolation going on, it simply takes accurate samples at a fixed rate of the signal coming into it. No guessing, no mathematical calculations to modify the data, etc...

Now, if you use the optical output on the Sony to play DSD files or any audio above 24/96 resolution, then there will be downsampling taking place inside of the Sony before the audio gets to the optical port.

And then, chances are you would be using a really long optical cable that stretches from the head unit to the trunk. Optical cables lose quality over distances. 15 feet or more and you're starting to get to the point where it can be important, especially if there are any bends in the cable.

Personally, I will take high quality analog over optical any day.

There's a reason why you don't see optical on high end home audio gear much anymore.

Great good to know. Will try Stinger 9000 series RCA vs my optical cable on my Clarion NX807 to see if there are any Sonic difference.

I just don't know which DAC this Clarion unit is using and if it's any good.

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