Hey all,

I've been sourcing parts for this install on these forums since December and have had great conversations with a select few members here.

I'm very much an amateur in this hobby so please feel free to call me out on anything! I've mentioned in previous posts how the only upgrade under my belt is a Hybid Audio 2-way component set and an Image Dynamics IDQ 12 that I installed about 75% of the way to completion. It sounded... okay.

Keep weight additions relatively low.
Keep changes to the interior subtle...
Increase SQ 9000%
Make mistakes and learn!

AudioFrog GB 10/25/60
AudioTec Fischer Helix DSP.2
Stereo Integrity BM mk IV 12"
Arc Audio 600.4 (x2)
Arc Audio 1100.1
Stock HU

The beauty this is going into? A 2019 Subaru Series.Grey I picked up in November! My first new car!

First thing I started on was designing the subwoofer enclosure. Going with a shallow mount because of the work I've seen on these forums! Shout out to bertholomey and other BRZ owners.

TinkerCad is a little clunky to use for design... but it's free with an account and I got done with what I needed. Also, it might be a better tool to use when one hopes to 3D print their subwoofer enclosure.

I was open to the idea of putting the subwoofer in the passenger footwell... but my girlfriend at the time said she would refuse to ever get in this car again if there was even less room for her to sit. Lol.

So this design was with the backseat in mind.... Yes that's right. The subwoofer will be sitting in the back seat. Why not go IB?

Well, I'm into AutoX and my initial concerns were adding too much weight. So I thought it would be cool to have it removable in the back seat... like a child seat!

We'll see if I actually ever take it out of the backseat. Speaking of which... I think a tint might not be a bad idea...

So my grandfather was nice enough to let me use his workshop and completely cover it in MDF dust.

Making a true right angle(s) box is a pain. It came out alright though. The roundover bits were used on the top and bottom face... with a little bit too much taken off the top...

Nothing I can't fix with some further sanding.

Also, I used a MASSIVE 3/4 inch rabbiting bit for recessing the subwoofer... a bit. Don't worry! I calculated this into the final volume. IIRC, the final volume was around .55 ft^3.

And this picture shows a hint of things to come. The surprisingly rare painted subwoofer enclosure. (Why is everyone so quick to grab their carpet rolls?)

Also you can see the wood putty used to fill over the screw holes. I tossed around the idea of leaving them exposed but this was easier to pull off!

I wanted to do as much of this project by myself, but I cheated a bit.

As some of you know, chasingSQ's BRZ exploded in a fire-y death ball of flames. His misfortune (yeah right.. That new STI though...) led to me picking up the famous dash pods from bertholomey's build (Courtesy of Mark Worrell) as well as some A-pillars! A big thank you there as that has saved me quite a bit of time on this. (my first real car upgrade project)

More to come!

P.S. I'm much further along in the process now. So expect updates soon! Whenever I get time to upload.