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I honestly donít know the slope, I never changed anything on my deck. I just set all the crossovers and left everything flat, didnít touch anything else. So whatever the 80prs default setting is would be what the slopes set at. Iím good at installing things but Iím completely clueless when it comes to tuning. This was my first active setup and I was just going to let someone else tune it but it sounded good to me flat so I just left it.

Also, here is how they are mounted. They appear very clean with no water damage or surface rust or anything. Iím not seeing weather damage anywhere unless just the drastic temp differences just make the surrounds brittle over time. It does take like a year typically for them to go out.
Default slope is 0db an no crossover on my pioneer da-230, if yours is the same that could well be your issue, but double check and set them to 24db/octave for subs and your mids 👍🏼