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Interested in how the tweeters sound, the mounting, and most of all the texture spray you find works best. I still need to pick a tweeter for my R56, but I know I will be going the pod route for mounting.
The tweeters in their current location sound good. I have them in the top of the door panel just forward of the interior door panel. I did drill a hole for them but they mount so nice. I'm going to get another set of the C shaped part of the door panels when I get my tweeters mounted to the a-pillar. Unfortunately the Tang Band tweeters I have are no longer available in the USofA. Or atleast I couldn't find them so I ordered a single one from nonsolospeakers.com. Not cheap as shipping was half the total cost. Parts Express pricing was $35 I believe. Nonsolospeaker.com cost me $87. International shipping is not your friend. Stay tuned for more pics after this weekend.