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I like the acrylic, aluminum, wood veneer theme, a veneered port inside of an acrylic box could be really cool. I'm not really a fan of CF personally, it's a great material, but in my opinion there is nothing "classy" about it, maybe I've seen too many poorly modified cars, but bare CF looks tacky to me.
That is the most likely mix of materials... I am thinking the baffle and another window need to be acrylic, because I don't where to go to bend acrylic that is 1/2-3/4" thick! All of the curves would be in the wood veneer part. The aluminum would serve as trim pieces and design elements.

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That basket is so cool looking. I would do something with it inverted, and use some futuristic metal looking contraption that its blasting into.
It's a beautiful sub, all the way around! I thought about inverting it... Hmmm, I'm trying to picture the metal contraption... It sounds cool