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Thank you for the information. I am more trying to understand the components of acoustics into the car audio setup than the installation. The installation seems pretty easy.

1. Can you tell me the reasons behind not wanting rear speakers?
Stereo is recorded in 2 channels, left and right. A good stereo creates the illusion of a stage in front of the listener where the vocals are usually centered, and the rest of the instruments appear to be coming from specific places in this stage. This staging and imaging is what makes stereo special. Rear speakers ruin this illusion because our attention gets drawn backwards. Instead of the stage appearing in front of us, it's a blurry mess in front, and behind.

Stereo is not surround sound, it's stereo, and it's very enjoyable if done well.

2. So does my one pair of main speakers represent my mid, the tweeter the high, and my sub the low???
A front pair of components can either be 2-way or 3-way. A 2-way will have a midbass and a tweeter, and a 3-way will add a midrange.

3. Can you recommend a good tweeter and main mid speaker combo?
The simplest approach would be to buy a pre-packaged 2-way component set that fits your budget. Figure out what you're willing to spend, find a few sets in that range, then people can help you decide between your options.

4. Can you recommend any sound deading material? Should I put that in the doors??
I use this stuff, to me it's a good value:
See above.