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Thank you for the information. I am more trying to understand the components of acoustics into the car audio setup than the installation. The installation seems pretty easy.

1. Can you tell me the reasons behind not wanting rear speakers?

2. So does my one pair of main speakers represent my mid, the tweeter the high, and my sub the low???

3. Can you recommend a good tweeter and main mid speaker combo?

4. Can you recommend any sound deading material? Should I put that in the doors??
I've had good luck with Sonic Barrier MX-4. Very cheap.

A lot of people say to skip rear speakers, but I personally couldn't adjust to the sound without rears. Also, if you have passengers them it might be better to get rear speakers. That said, you can always add them in at a later time which is what I did.

The Pioneer amp is a fantastic buy.

And while 1/0 isn't needed for your build, I would install it if you can afford it. You may end up going bigger next time, and this way you won't have to pull the wire and rerun a new power line (what I did).