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Hey Tyrone.. I have to agree with you with the Kenwood Excelon class D's .. they sound incredible and if not better than the JL HD or Arc XDi amps I had prior.

I actually took your advice on these a few years back and didn't expect them to sound so good because they were first off a "Kenwood" .. and their lower price mark just seemed like another low grade amp that would either blow or sound crappy overall . That wasn't the case at all. The XR400-4 sounded a bit sharper and stronger than it's predecessor - the XR-4S .. it was a bit more cleaner and ballz-ier.

I would have stayed with that setup but Gordon was building my Compact Four Class A at the time and I could't wait to install and hear it. My JL HD just never sounded right and was very frustrating trying to dial it in correctly. The Arc Xdi did sound better .. but lacked some depth and instrumentals that I know were there but seemed to fade out in the distance.

The Excelon was right up there though.. I was even contemplating getting the XR401-4 just for shitz & giggles to check out the new Hi-Res features and compare it ot my Genesis sytem setup and see if it was all worth it by upgrading my alternator, batteries, etc.

Do you believe that the Zapco ST-204D SQ would be the best Class D F/R on the market today.. given your listening experience?
Glad to hear. Also dont like JL HD or the pdxs (PDR>PDX) and have had issues with arc since the class g/h and xdi (first gen). I think the jl xds are better personally but no better the excelons. I am a big fan of the JL slash amps however. Didnt try the rd yet.

The zapco st204d sq is a very nice amp, but I bypassed my typical listening process and put it right in my car. It sounds great but since I assess using full range bookshelves with tweeters, I couldnt give a fair assessment in my listening room/office. I do know they have TONS of clean power and power my 7" woofers and 10" without breaking a sweat with minimal gain, so I recommend them.

However, I bought it from WWS for 250 new as they listed it as a 2 channel. Now its $500. So you can get 100x8 + 500x2 using the excelons for the same price. So, I dont know if Id say its worth 500, but I dont think any car amp is unless your compete and have sponsors or it has built in dsp.

I did not try the other zapco micro digital line, this amp is 13" long but 1200 watts rms. Low ESR caps, and hardly any difference on my mids from my old studio 300x. Overall, 105 amps of fusing and 90% efficiency and audio caps..Its the most powerful reasonably sized zapco 4 channel ever and I have no complaints. Its mounted under seats so the only issue with the kenwoods in same location under seats was fan noise. No fan on the zapco. Great build quality and heavy. I put a gut pic of it in the hot deals WWS post.

I def recommend them. The only one I would swap for is the Focal Zed made 5 channel as I am very impressed by them too, love the cosmetics and pwer rating is perfect for my setup and see them going for under 300 on ebay at times. However, zeds have some reliability issues and both my previous zapcos were purchased by me and used for 25 years and my zapco studio 100 is still powering my tweeters. So I just have a brand preference for zapco. Im even using zapco/esb speakers.