As far as sub, the jeep by far. The Boston g5 10" is in a vented enclosure getting 600+watts while the sundown sd3 10 sealed in .7 cuft getting the 550 from the zapco. The boston is also more efficient. Id be running the g5 10 if it would fit in the slim enclosure I have, but a SI BMV III 12 just showed up today that I plan to install in the sd3 10"s location as it will fit and Im all for more cone area.

I took a long drive today and while the SD3 10 is a fine sub, one 10 doesnt have the output I like (not far off though) and has a hard time keeping up with my front stage when louder. It just seems to plateau due to the underhung design but is a good sounding sub. If I had 2 of them, or even a 12" no problem. But the boston g5 is one of my favorite all time car subs and in 1.3cuft @32hz sounds amazing.

I didnt try to hook up the vented g5 to the zapco but Im sure the difference between the PDR mono and bridged zapco amps would be very small. It really needs no more that 450-500 watts.

So Im replacing the sd3 10. first going to try the SI 12" that showed up today and I also have a BNIB Nakamichi 12 about 25 years old that is an amazing sounding sub as well that fits in the same enclosure as well. Just half the excursion of the SI, and 300 watts rms but buttery smooth subs those Naks. Also have an Alumapro RX SQ 12". So moving to a single 12. Off the zapco. All the above fit the enclosure and amp power

The Jeep is more of a work car that I swap stuff I have and try new things in. Has more room and Im less picky about perfection. Subaru is my SQ focused car.

If nothing provides the output I seek in the subaru, Ill just do some glassing and put the g5 and matching pr @ 30hz in the .5 they require and I would have more than I need. But effort