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I believe the main reason for the subwoofer option in the dlct app is for the subwoofer volume control. In subwoofer vol mode, the vol knob controls the boost Or cuts for those channels marked as subwoofer in the dlct app.
Could be but why wouldn't the manual state that?

The manual only states that "the subwoofer checkbox tells the Dirac Live analysis algorithm to use a different method to detect the impulse on that channel... because of the limited frequency response of the subwoofer" which makes sense.

Pretty sure the remote sub level control, which has to be assigned as outlined in section 7.3 on page 55 of the manual, only affects the output levels, as it does in the Non-DL version, outside of the Dirac function.... Which is why I think they include the note in section 5.3.3 - "Check that the subwoofer volume is set to zero. (Remember that this volume is relative to the master volume. Zero is typically the best setting to use for calibration.)"

But then again, manuals aren't always %100 correct or complete so