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As far as the harshness, can you isolate what frequencies it sounds harsh at?
Not sure exactly which frequencies yet, it's towards the higher end of female vocals. Need to give it a longer listen to be sure though.

Anyway, so I knocked down the mids by 4dB and increased the subwoofer by 3dB, then re-measured. I think I am experiencing the same thing that Ryan did with his measurements and the sub...

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I tried upping the level of the sub to try and meet up with the target but no matter what I did the measured response stayed the same even though I could hear the sweeps were louder which baffled me.
The sweep sounded louder, visually they looked larger on the DLCT measuring screen, I also just compared the sub response on the filter design tab and it is exactly the same, despite me turning it up. Weird.

Anyway, took new measurements, loaded my target and now making some real good progress with this. Latest REW (1/6 smoothing) response looks like this:

I'm thinking if I can cure that dip around 55Hz that I may well be completely happy with this particular tune.