Haha thanks for giving this a look. I'm looking to ditch my passive crossovers and go active. I need a 4 channel amp though since atm I'm only using a 2. I have Pyle PLG6C in the front. They aren't bad since my car kinda noisey still. Able those I have ds18 PRO-TW120B. While I'm at it I'll share what I have in the back. Ported jl Single 12 12W3v3-2 powered by a jbl 5501. Also use a soundstream eq and 2-3way crossover. Have my eq gain to about half and the outputs on the crossovers pretty low so I can just increase the volume not sure if that's good? I'm hoping with a active setup the imaging will be better. I just don't like how things mix atm IDK. My back seats are down so I use a 24 slope with a hpf at 63 and lpf at 63. Main question is what's a good amp to run my front speakers.. Thanks