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Thanks for the feedback man. I know that most people like to have to stage seem like itís spread across the dash. This is the main goal of audio enthusiasts. I like my music very different then most people. For example right now in my car I find myself actually bringing the music backwards with the OEM tuning to give me a surrounded feeling. I turn up the rear speakers. Itís almost unheard of as I have not found anyone with the same view. Itís weird, I know, but I feel more immersed. Some say it destroys the sound staging and such and it does but I donít care about sound staging.
I used to be the same way and thought there was no way I'd go without rear speakers. Then I decided to take the advice of most on this forum and put that money toward better front speakers. Then I got a DSP and set it mostly up (it's still a work in progress since I'm learning as I go) and my opinion has totally changed. I've never felt more immersed or "like I'm there" than I do now and my stuff isn't even totally dialed in yet. You may want to give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised. There are a couple nice amplifiers and DSP's for sale right now in the classifieds section that aren't terribly expensive that will do a lot better than that Audiocontrol and Boss. Get some Stereo Integrity TM65's and M25's and I bet you'll be amazed.