Thanks for the advice. I think I’m gonna stick with the D-6.1200 as I’m getting a good deal on it and I think it’s somewhere in the middle of an average audio enthusiast and an advanced one. Next question (sorry guys):

Sound deadening wise. I want to do this in steps so I don’t pay for something I don’t need. Now there a bunch of different things like Dynamat, Soundskins, and Noico that are all in one but there are also cld, ccf, and mlv. I’m thinking what I want to do since road noise isn’t too bad in my car is put Dynamat extreme or noico on the doors first (I know that neither are designed for road noise). If that doesn’t get me where I want it then I’ll add ccf and mlv to the doors and maybe the floor. What do you think? And also what’s better 12sq ft of Dynamat extreme or 36 sq ft of Noico Green Liner. They are the same price. Dynamat is supposed to be great but if I can double or triple Noico layers which would be better? I know this is a big debate and there are plenty of forums on it but for my case what are your opinions? Good plan? Idiotic?