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As stated above doubling of CLD does very little. CLD converts vibrations into heat. It also adds a small amount of weight and stiffness.

There was a massive forum thread called sound deadening showdown where they tested almost every cld material out at the time and the two best where Knu Koncepts kolosis CLD and from someone in the community made sound deadening tiles that ended up being the best. Unfortunately you can no longer get those tiles.
Thats where Skiz32 (Nick from Apicella Auto sound) came in and created a company called Resonix that is dedicated to sound deadening to fill the gap. There is a thread where he talks about the amount of testing that went into his Product. You should check out his Facebook and Instagram pages to understand the quality of work and high standards that come from his companies.

At the end of the day if you're trying to stick to a budget get the Noico 80mil. But if your ordering anything more expensive than that I would go with Resonix. It costs a little more than Dynamat but you are getting a much better product for the money.
Spot on good solid advice here and well said ^^^