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As the next step of my project I’d like to buy a new set of tweeters to replace my GS10’s. The Frogs have been great but I’m just looking for something new.

Thanks in advance for opinions on these tweeters.

I'm running a pair in my Truck A-Pillars on-axis. I really like these tweets. It takes awhile to brake them in, but after that, they were really easy to tune to a Speaker Curve and are smooth and detailed. I found that the lowest I could cross them at was 2800(HP/LR24), anything lower and they would sound funky when turning up the volume. My Mosconi Amp are running them and my midranges, puts out 105 Watts per channel.

I've had the GB10's in the A-Pillar, and I like them, but the lowest I could get them to play decent at loud volume was crossed 3200(HP/24LR)

I'm really looking for a tweet that can play at loud volume crossed at 2000(HP/24LR), and when I find one, I'm gonna buy it... till then I'm happy with the Scans d3004-6040-00