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I have kicked around the idea of SA subs but always hear that I will not be impressed by the sound. I found a 6th order design a few years back that I always wanted to try with an SA8.

OP, I have heard through conversation that the SD series actually sounds really good
The SD does sound good. Really good. I have a 10. I found its limits though in a sealed .55 cube enclosure with a subsonic & less than 600W. Just wanted more low end. So I went to a vented SA10 tuned to the high 20s in 1.5 cubes. While the SA suffers a bit with transient response compared to the sealed SD, it sounds great most of the time.

I can easily go back to the SD any time, but I haven't done it and it's going on a year. SQ setup. And on those days when I just wanna be silly it's more than I can handle for more than a few minutes. Even on under 600 worms, it's stupid loud down low.