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16 Silverado double cab here. As far as the DSP I decided to go with the Axxess AX-DSP. Has built in chime control , 6ch in/6ch out, along with 31band EQ, cross overs, clipping detection and many other features. Plus you manipulate it via bluetooth so there is no need to get to the device and turn dials and switches.

I decided to make my own box because I have the high transmission hump and the floor is anything but level. Going to use 3/4 MDF on 5 sides and fiberglass for the bottom. Not only will it let me maximize volume for the .75^ft each of my subs want (DC audio m3 8" x2) but it will fit over the curves minimizing movement, and said curves will add strength to the fiberglass portion of the enclosure.

Good luck on your build! I'll be receiving the rest of my equipment today so I'm excited to get started as well.
Post pictures of your box sir. I have the same 16 double cab with the Rockies under the rear seat. Got a lmi welding seat lift kit for mine to help

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