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Look at LLJ, they some easy plug and play integrations.

If you have the BOSE system I highly recommend the NAV-TV M650GM
Is will take care of the loud chimes and gives a great foundation to build on.

If it's a non-BOSE. PAC makes an integration piece. LLJ has a plug and play harness with the PAC unit and a lot of other great pieces.

As far as DSP, Helix is top notch, if your only needing 6 channels then the DSP Mini is great.
If you're looking to go 3way active with a sub one day then get you would want the DSP.3

I have a 2017 Seirra with bose,
I'm ru ming the NavTv and just swapped from a Zapco Z8 DSP to the Helix Pro MK2. Its amazing.

The amp you have listed in your OP is more than capable.

I'm currently ordering equipment for my co-worke Silverado. He wanted it to good great and it to be simple. We will be running the NavTv, JL Vx700/5i, Audiofrog GB15, GB60 and the JL stealth console enclosure. With a few LLJ pieces.

I recommend you look through their site, they have some great stuff that will the install a breeze.
Llj bose harness takes the chimes out as well