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I know this hobby and site is all about tinkering with, and solving the complex issues of audio in a car's environment. So hopefully this post isn't taken as sacrilege...

I'm considering getting a new sedan...something 2016 or newer (not brand new) and I am wondering if anyone knows of particular models that have decent (relatively speaking) acoustics and easier installations.

My biggest desire would be to find a model with no HPFs on the factory radio that cannot be bypassed. I want to grab speaker level inputs and go right to my Helix P-Six with a full signal. My current car has an HPF that cannot be bypassed and this increased the complexity and cost of the install a ton. It also makes using the system clunky. So no HPF would be the first ask.

The second would be a vehicle that requires minimal tuning. I know everything will require some, but some cars are simply better starting points than others.

If I could only have one of the two, it would be no HPF. I've always been a Honda/Acura guy, so if any trim of the Accords or TLXs don't have HPFs, please let me know.

My goal for the system would be sound great (obviously), use stock locations for mids/woofers (probably would do a two-way rather than three-way), and have seamless integration with the factory system.

Thanks for your help.
I"m sure people can chime in with vehicles with defeatable HPFs, I know that you can do this with most VW's in the 2009-2014 range, but I'm not certain about the newer ones.

Regarding the tuning, that's not something that you will have any luck with. All cars are terrible acoustically, most of the tuning will have to do with the environment. Some of the tuning will be based on your speaker selection, so there is absolutely no way that you could predict the amount of EQ you'll need to get adequate sound. The one thing you can shop for is a car with a good amount of factory sound deadening, besides that there are just too many variables, all cars will require a good amount of EQ is you're really striving for excellent sound quality.

Since you're already looking at Honda and Acura, pop over to their forums and ask about the HPF and built in processing, then do some test drives and find the car that's got the level of sound deadening that you want. Also, the right tires will make a huge difference, so be open to the possibility of swapping out the tires right away.