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I don't think he is really dead. Too many odd coincidences happened in a federal jail that has housed some very notorious criminals in the past. Mexican drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman was in the same jail for about 2 years during his trial and nothing happened to him. Two guards told to go on a 3 hour break while "maintenance" was to be done on the wing where Epstein was being held. Another "guard" on duty was not a trained guard but a general worker at the jail. He had no cell mate although jail rules required him to have one. He was supposed to be checked on at least every 30 minutes, but was not checked on for an unknown time. A former inmate of the jail wrote in an op-ed that there was no way anyone could have the materials in their cell at this jail to commit suicide and the jail cell was designed to make a suicide nearly impossible. His lawyers requested Epstein to be taken off of suicide watch days before. The camera system going out at the exact time his suicide happened. Pictures taken by a New York Post reporter of Epstein's body being delivered to the hospital shows a man with different shaped nose and ear than in pictures of Epstein when alive.

Just my opinion is that Epstein is now under extreme protected security at some undisclosed location. He was not scheduled to go on trial until next summer. Even at that length of time, his lawyers would most likely request longer to examine all the evidence the government had on him. That same evidence that is (was) tied up in the Epstein case is going to be used against other high profile people. With Epstein "dead", that evidence can now be freely used in other cases. So those other high profile people's cases can get started before the 2020 Presidential Election, showing the voters that Trump is "Draining the Swamp".

Look, I have NO problem believing what you are saying, but honestly how about posting some links actually DOCUMENTING at least some of what you are posting.

For instance, how about the hospital photos or the explanation of the cameras failing.