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There's an input gain adjustment on the processor with a clipping LED. You set it and forget it. The processor won't let itself clip. You can defeat that feature but no reason why you'd want to.

If you want to run 3-way plus sub plus rears you'd need to upgrade to the Helix Pro or add a second processor and tap into the midrange outputs of the current processor. For proper rearfill you will want to run them around 350-4000 give or take a little on either end and delay 18-25ms depending on the install.
I just looked at the manual and it says "If this LED lights up reduce the input sensitivity by using the potentiometers until the LED goes out." How would i know which channels are clipping? Do i turn headunit up to 75% connect rcas to helix one input at a time and turn up sensitivity until clipping?

I wish this came with 10 channels but whatever. I was thinking using the halo9 to control the rear fill since i figured the sub was more important to have on the helix. The Halo9 has TA/crossover adjustments/ eq/etc.