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Yes, I do. I put in gb10 oem in my stock locations as gb 15s would not fit.
That was a few years ago.
I understand the difference between the 2 very well buy what most people dont seem to realize is audiofrog makes a dedicated crossover for the gb60, gb 10 combo. It's called the 610c.
If it was a huge no no like every seems to think why is Andy selling crossovers for the combo?

Honestly, there isnt much difference. Had I not moved the 15s to on axis I doubt anyone could have even heard a difference.
Are people saying the gb10 can't cleanly pair to the gb60? They did great crossed LR4 2500 with gs690's in my Grand Cherokee using all stock locations. It's a VERY capable tweeter. And congrats on the GB15's playing on axis. They're a great sounding tweeter.