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Linear actuators have gotten a lot less expensive with the availability to buy straight from China.
You can check out different styles on AliExpress.com.
Different worm drive setups or something I've looked at for smaller spaces as the motor is offset to an area that has more room.
They're still a great Demand for motorization in my opinion. I'm sorry but after going to files last year I have seen that so many cars have the appearance of being, well, lazy?
But then again I've seen so many judges not even open the trunk or hood see what is actually installed. No presentations done either.
I'm sad actually.

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Today install is a separate competition from sound quality. While pretty much all competitors enter the sound judging portion, only a handful enter the install competition. This allows competitors that don't have a completed install or does not want to put the money and time into a custom show quality install to still be able to compete. However it is still a goal of many competitors to have a great sounding system along with a great looking install. Most car audio organizations only give best of show awards to competitors that enter both sound and install portions of the events.

As a former judge and competitor, its best that the sound judges don't see what equipment is in the car or how it is installed. As a competitor I want the sound judges to just concentrate on the sound, not on what brands of equipment I am using or how my install is done. I've encountered too many biased judges in the past that judge sound with their eyes rather than their ears. I've had judges tell me my car sounds great and score me really high, then tell me if they knew I was using "brand X" equipment or mounted the speakers in certain places, they would not have scored me as good as they did.

In the early '90s any motorization was cool and got bonus points in competition. Then judges required that the motorization served a purpose, such as moving the amp rack out of the way to access a spare tire under the rack. Then judges looked for improper use of motorization, such as a motorized amp rack over top of the fuse block rack. What happens if the fuse to the linear actuator blew, how could you get to the fuses if they are under the motorized panel? Many top judges stopped giving out bonus install points for motorization they had seen over and over in many different systems.

As time went by motorization kind of faded out. The top competitors built their system to the "KISS" (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. The more complex the system was, the bigger the chance of it not doing something correct, and actually losing install points for it. Why have a motorized amp rack if the rack would flex when in its "up" position? In this case the system would loose points for not having the amplifiers mounted solidly.

I think motorization is still cool if used in a logical situation and increases the value and usability of the system. Just having a motorized panel just to have something motorized in your system does not excite me.