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Looking for someone to do some tuning to my system in NC or SC. Need to be fluent in the Helix software. Would need gains set correctly. Use of a oscilloscope would be a plus. Would need it RTA’ed for SQ with the most volume possible without distortion.. System consists of 4-super tweeters. 2-6.5 midrange 2-6.5 midbass 2-8” midrange and 2-10” midbass. Powered by 4 soundigital amplifiers. Any help or contacts would be great... thnx
I guess I'll start.
Ditch the super tweeters, 2 6.5 midbass, 2 8's, 2 10's, and 2 amps. Add some tweeters, and a sub or 2. Reevaluate your life, aim for realistic goals.