I hear you tonynca! There are several threads that try to discuss this and they all suggest:


*All Pass Filters

*Speaker Placement

What I donít see a lot of is clarifications on HOW. Yes it is specific to each individual car but how about if everyone shared HOW they used one of the above or any method they used to obtain an enjoyable 2 seat tune.

You call the shots tonynca its your thread! I guess Iím just proposing some sort of format to post?

Something like:
1) Method
2) Time delay position (driver, passenger, center, average?)
3) HOW you used the method to achieve the tune

**If someone knows why a certain method wonít work very well, please explain why that is the case instead of just pointing out that it doesnít work well.**

We can all learn and experiment based on each others experiences.

Oabeieo gave us an explanation of a methodology he uses. Might not work for you but it did for him. You wonít know until you try it yourself.

Pb82 Ronin shared a methodology as well. Works well for him. Maybe others are looking for a different method for different type of result than that.

Well hey thatís why we have a thread like this. If you donít like his way, then try a different userís approach.

There is no exact one way to achieve this. At least not yet that I know of. However, as tonynca suggested, Please share a processes that you have tried and believe it to be successful.

Metanium shared a method as well. But Iím still curious to know where are you time aligning your woofers with the Real Center algorithm? Is everything still aligned to the driver seat?


My current method:

Iím kinda cheating. Iím using already upmixed (5.1 DTS Neural on a 2016 Civic) signals from my stock head-unit that are passed through the high level inputs of my DSP. The staging is decent for both front seats but my tone is not the greatest for both seats. The upmixed signals are pre EQíed to stock speakers and already time aligned to stock locations. I can play with the headunit EQ or the EQ on my DSP but the tone of this tune is kind of always tainted.

Also the stock setup has a 2 way front stage + center. My after market setup is 3 way front stage + center with the mid-bass in stock location, tweeter in stock location, and added midrange right next to stock tweeter location.

My time alignment adjustments are minimal as Iím basically adjusting the already in place stock time alignment. Unfortunately I am not sure where the stock time alignment position is. There is also some time smearing happening because Iím summing 50% tweeter signal and 50% mid-bass signal (2 different time delays) for my midrange signal.

So this 2 seat tune method is full of compromises but it does a presentable job in my specific car.

What works for yíall?